He began his work as tuner at the end of the 60s in Gran Turismo races. With Osella remained until 1969, following the car for racing on the track. In 1970 he became Chevron dealer and go to the Sports and Prototypes category until the mid-70s.
Approaches the rallies in the late 70 ‘s when he begins collaborating with Abarth for the engine check of the official Fiat 131. Then follow the new groups B, in the early ’80s with the Lancia Rally 037 (following both the official cars and some private) and then with the Delta S4, abandoned for the tragic death of Toivonen in 1986. So was born the Lancia Delta Integrale, which, with its endless string of hits, helped to make Volta one of the most popular tuner in the world of rally.

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