The web site was created to make known and share the realization of “Delta The Legend” opera, which celebrates the glories, the victories and the myth of Lancia Delta Martini Racing after 25 years from its first victory in the World Rally Championship.

An icon known to all. A sudden end, without a reason. From here it all begins.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Archivio and Centro Storico Fiat we had access to all the images on this exciting adventure. The direct relationship with mechanics, engineers and drivers in the world Lancia Martini Racing, based on passion, is the key for access to a huge wealth of experience and emotions hidden so far. The need to bring to light and share it, as well as the attempt to give an answer as to why an order, accompanied us throughout the implementation of the Work.

“Delta The Legend” is not ‘the classic picture book or a mere container of movies, “Delta The Legend” is an innovative product that combines beautiful photographs of Manrico Martella (one of the best photographers in the world of motorsport), the texts of Guido Rancati (WRC-depth knowledge) and ” Delta The Legend – The Movie” film directed by Tiziano Vuillermoz of 88 min. + a second dvd (“Delta The Legend – Fragments” of 40 min.), which retrace the moments of unique adventure, lasted eight years.
Not only that. “Delta The Legend” is also a story of men who were able to transform a standard car, in a true legend. In a world icon. And who better than them, could tell about the various facets reminding firsthand the unrepeatable events that characterized those eight seasons.

November 1985, Delta S4 debuted in the RAC Rally triumphly, as predestined: Henri Toivonen 1st, 2nd Markku Alen. From 1987 to 1992 it was an undisputed dominion: 6 consecutive titles in the constructors’ championship and 4 in the world championship drivers under the colors of Martini Racing, an unmatched record.

In ’91at the peak of its fame, Lancia announces its retirement from racing. Why?

Lancia had started to produce Delta as sedan for families in the late ’70s. Its designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro drew a slim and tapered wedge shape to give it the characteristic that made it Car of the Year in 1980 and the second Lancia model for the number of cars sold. Thanks to its triumphs and its victories in those years triggered a process of identification with an invincible myth. Also had notable success the street version of the race car.

But how it became the dominating of rallies, which picked up the baton of Fulvia HF, Stratos and 037?

The questions left open, but also anecdotes of men who thought and realized this great successful history of the Italian industry, shared and participated by everyone, are the subject of our story.



The opera “Delta The Legend” consists of:

PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOK of 240 pages with anecdotes, technical features, tales of the team and the car that won the World Rally Championship for 6 consecutive years. Bilingual Italian / English

DVD “THE MOVIE” – 88 min. – Directed by: Tiziano Vuillermoz. Through the testimonies of the protagonists of that unrepeatable history and unpublished images of what was the most exciting period of the Italian rallying, unfolds an exciting and compelling story of what has been the most prestigious example of industrial foresight, which led one of the oldest brands and “charm” of Italian motoring at the top of world motorsport. Bilingual Italian / English

DVD “FRAGMENTS” is a collection of “splinters”, sometimes private, sometimes funny and certainly always engaging, narrated by the protagonists that gave rise to the legend of Delta.Bilingual Italian / English

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