“Delta the Legend” is an editorial / multimedia innovative product which combines beautiful images of Manrico Martella, one of the best photographers in the world of motorsport, in period films that retrace the moments of unrepeatable adventure, lasted eight years. Not only. “Delta The Legend” is also a story of men who, with their abilities, their insights, their geniality were able to transform a production car, in a true legend. In a worldwide icon. And who better than them, he could tell about various facets: by project engineers, to drivers, by mechanics, to public relations men, by sports directors, to designers, who remember firsthand the events that characterize those unrepeatable eight seasons.

The opera “Delta The Legend” consists of:

PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOK of 240 pages with anecdotes, technical features, tales of the team and the car that won the World Rally Championship for 6 consecutive years. Bilingual Italian / English

DVD “THE MOVIE” – 88 min. – Directed by: Tiziano Vuillermoz. Through the testimonies of the protagonists of that unrepeatable history and unpublished images of what was the most exciting period of the Italian rallying, unfolds an exciting and compelling story of what has been the most prestigious example of industrial foresight, which led one of the oldest brands and “charm” of Italian motoring at the top of world motorsport. Bilingual Italian / English

DVD “FRAGMENTS” is a collection of “splinters”, sometimes private, sometimes funny and certainly always engaging, narrated by the protagonists that gave rise to the legend of Delta.Bilingual Italian / English

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